Travel an integral part of life

We all love to travel, some people love to travel in a group, some like to go for a solo ride and some people like to go as a couple.

Whatever it is, travel makes everyone stress free from all of their frustrations and tensions.

But normally people use to say that I like to explore a new place, that’s why I’m travelling.

qtq80-kCYAd2-300x200 Travel an integral part of life

The truth is 100% people travel to forget everything which makes them stress and enjoy life.

So, I would like to call travelling as a medicine which heals people stress.

Keep travelling and be happy. There is only one life, don’t spoil that with regular stress and tensions.

Be like a free bird and fly…!

Food and Travel

images-2 Food and Travel
Food and Travel

Food and Travel– the term that engage all of us. Why..!!

Simple, we are fond of both. We are always ready to taste new foods and explore  new places. People love to eat and roam.

Exactly this is what my site is all about. Where you can watch new articles related to foods which I enjoyed and the places where I wandered and which inspired me.

Will be frequently posting topics and pictures related to the subject.

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